Cure Rate For Liver Cancer  

When abnormal cells start growing in the liver, it is known as liver cancer. This type of cancer is referred to as primary cancer of the liver. However, if the cancer cells spread to other organs in the body, then the cancer is referred to as metastatic cancer of the liver.

Liver cancer is not that prevalent in the US, just around two percent of all cancer patients are diagnosed with this type of cancer. However, the number of liver cancer is much higher in countries of Asia and Africa, where around ten to fifty percent of cancers are cancer of the liver. The most common type of liver cancer found is known as hepato-cellular carcinoma. This is more prevalent in men than in women.

When it comes to metastatic cancer of the liver, the story in the US is completely different. It is around twenty times more common than liver cancer. This is primarily because people get other types of cancers and the cancer cells travel via blood and lymph to the liver, and thereby infecting it.

In order to understand the cure rate for liver cancer, one has to first understand the factors that affect the rate. Usually, a 5-year survival period is taken into consideration. For one, the overall health of the person affects the survival rate along with the stage of the cancer. If the cancer is diagnosed in the initial stages, then the prognosis are bright and there is a full chance of recovery. However, if the cancer is diagnosed only in the late stages, then the chances of curing the cancer are minimal. It has been seen that the overall rate of survival for cancer of the liver is around 9 percent. So, around 9 percent of the patients are cured or do not have the malignancy for a period of 5 years.

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Cure Rate For Liver Cancer




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