How Endocrine System Affects Other Body Systems ?

How Endocrine System Affects Other Body Systems ?

The endocrine system affects most functions in the body especially growth and regeneration. The responsible hormone is the growth hormone (GH) or the somatotropin released by the anterior pituitary lobe. The hormones secreted by these glands order the body organs and systems to function in a specific way.

Sometimes, one endocrinal gland will order another endocrinal gland to secrete a hormone which in turn affects another body part. Also, the amount of hormones secreted is regulated by observing the needs of the body.

The system works in close association with the nervous system in controlling and coordinating the various activities of the body. The hypothalamus is the mediator between these two systems. It is the nerve cells in the hypothalamus that tell the pituitary gland when to increase or decrease its secretions, in accordance to the needs of the body. 

The endocrine system affects the integumentary system by stimulating the production of the pigment melanin. Typically, the intermediate pituitary lobe is responsible for secreting the melanocyte-stimulating hormone.

Another important function of the endocrine system is to regulate the reproductive system. It is responsible for the maturity of the reproductive system during puberty. It also stimulates the development of secondary sexual characteristics. The growth of the nervous system and brain development in children is taken care of by the thyroid glands and its hormones. The endorphins secreted by the pituitary gland acts upon the nervous system to reduce its sensitivity to pain.

The excretory system with its urine output and the balance of water in the body is controlled by the anti-diuretic hormone released by the posterior pituitary lobe.

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How Endocrine System Affects Other Body Systems