Differences Human Anatomy In World  

In general, we all belong to the genus Homo, and species sapiens and share the same anatomy. But on further analysis, we can see certain differences in the physical characteristic of the people living in different geographical locations.

One such physical feature that can be seen in the Asians is the single crease eyelid which gives the eyes a hooded look. This is believed due to their ancestors working for long hours in the sun. Many people think Chinese and Japanese people look alike, but in reality the Chinese having a darker skin color than their Japanese counterparts. Japanese people have bigger eyes and smaller noses than the Chinese. However, when it comes to facial features, it will be difficult to differentiate and categorize due to amalgamation of genes and mixed races. Also, most Asians are shorter than the general European population, and their bodies tend to be slimmer too. 

Another difference being that the Europeans have larger facial movements and a larger trunk to leg ratio as compared to other races. Typically, a European has a larger thoracic region when compared to Asians and other non-Caucasian people. This gives the European population a larger lung capacity. 

In more recent years, it has been observed that the African-American children tend to be more obese than European-American children. Unfortunately, this number is growing with the years. This is purely a medical fact and is not intended to insult or discriminate anyone. This is helpful information to a doctor when treating patients of different ethnic groups or researchers, who are delving into the genetic characteristics and respective medical problems of a certain ethnic group. 

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Differences Human Anatomy In World




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