How HIV Virus Attacks Immune System ?  

HIV is a virus that assails the immune system. "T cells” are possessed by the immune system which aids in the fortification of the body from diseases. HIV is most often established using a pair of transmission tests that look for antibodies to HIV in the blood.

The HIV virus is passed on through the swapping of bodily fluids, principally via sexual intercourse. When the body is tainted with HIV virus, it launches antibodies (immune system proteins) against the virus.

HIV is particularly deadly because it invades the immune system cells (diversely called T4, CD4, or T-helper lymphocytes) that would typically fight off such a viral disease. Receptors on these cells seem to facilitate the viral RNAs entrance to the cell.

HIV is fatal because the virus affixes itself to a fundamental fraction of the immune system itself; to the so-called CD4+T lymphocytes, which are white blood corpuscles that facilitate the immune system’s fight against infections. Gradually but definitely, the quantities of healthy CD4+T lymphocytes in the blood fall, while HIV persistently weakens the body's ability to guard itself from infection.

The struggle involving the virus and the immune system for primacy is unremitting. The body acts as a rejoinder to this invasion via the making more T-cells, a number of which establishes to become helper T-cells. The virus, in due course, transmits the disease to these targets and eradicates them, as well. More T-cells are formed; these in addition are infected, and are afterwards exterminated by the virus. This battle may persist for up to ten years prior to the body finally succumbing as a result of the failure to keep-up the production of the T-cells. This loss of helper T-cells eventually results in the absolute inability of our body to fend off even the weakest of organisms (all sorts of bacteria and viruses other than HIV) which are usually not constantly a problem to us. This acquired state of immune deficiency is known as AIDS.

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How Hiv Virus Attacks Immune System




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How Hiv Virus Attacks Immune System ? )
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