Causes Of Swollen Lymph Nodes

Causes Of Swollen Lymph Nodes

Many times a person may complain of swollen lymph nodes. This may end up worrying the person. However, knowing the causes of swollen lymph nodes can help a person figure out the reason for swelling and whether the person should seek medical attention. Also, depending on where the lymph node is located, it can help a doctor figure out the reason for swelling.

Some of the causes of swollen lymph nodes are as follows:

Infection: The most prevalent cause for swollen lymph node is infection. Generally, viral infection, in particular colds, tends to cause the lymph nodes to swell up. However, other types of infections due to bacteria or parasites can also cause swelling of the lymph nodes. Some of the infections that cause lymph nodes to swell up are strep throat, measles, ear infection, tooth abscess, mononucleosis, skin infection like cellulites, wound infection, and HIV infection. (See Reference 1)

Other infections that can cause swollen lymph nodes include tuberculosis, some kinds of STDs like syphilis, toxoplasmosis (which is a parasitic infection caused due to coming in contact with infected feces of a cat or consuming undercooked meat), and when a cat scratches or bites, it result in a bacterial infection known cat scratch fever. (See Reference 1) However, these infections are not very common in the US in modern times.

Even some disorders related to the immune system can result in swollen lymph nodes. The most examples are autoimmune inflammatory diseases like lupus, which affects the skin, joints, kidneys, heart, blood cells and lungs; and rheumatoid arthritis that affects the lining of the joints. (See Reference 1)

Certain types of cancer can also result in swollen lymph nodes. Lymphoma, which cancer of the lymphatic system; leukemia, which cancer of the blood forming tissue; and other types of cancers that metastasize to the lymph nodes can cause the lymph nodes to get inflamed.

On rare occasions, some kinds of medications can result in inflamed and swollen lymph nodes. The medications that have an adverse effect on the lymph nodes include phenytoin, which is prescribed for seizures; and medications that prevent malaria. (See Reference 1)

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