Enlarged Spleen Symptoms

Enlarged Spleen Symptoms

An enlarge spleen can occur due to many reasons -- bacterial infection, viral infection, some kinds of anemia, some types of cancers, liver disorders and metabolic disorders. When this organ of the lymphatic system is affected, it can have an adverse effect on the person's entire immune system and body. Hence, knowing the enlarged spleen symptoms can help a person seek early medical intervention and prevent complications from arising.

It is important to note that it is not always necessary for a person to have enlarged spleen symptoms. Hence, at times, the person may be asymptomatic. (See Reference 1) However, if the following symptoms are present, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

  • Feeling full after eating a couple of mouthfuls. In addition, the person may also experience pain or discomfort in the abdominal region. (See Reference 1)
  • Experiencing pain the upper left portion of the abdomen. The pain can radiate to the left shoulder. Often this pain is mistaken for gas, but it can worsen when the person takes a deep breath. (See Reference 1)
  • As mentioned previously, the spleen is part of the lymphatic system that fights infections and pathogens. Hence, when the spleen is enlarged, a person will be susceptible to frequent infections. Unfortunately, this is a vicious cycle as infections themselves can lead to the spleen getting enlarged. (See Reference 1)
  • While fatigue could be a symptom of many other health problems, even enlarged spleen can result in it. Here, a person will not be able to do any of the normal activities as he or she will be too tired. (See Reference 1)
  • Losing weight without any reason is another symptom of enlarged spleen. However, this can be explained by the person not being able to eat the same amount of food that he or she would normally consume. (See Reference 1)
  • Many people suffering from enlarged spleen also have jaundice. While jaundice is a problem that is related to the liver, it is important to note that the liver and spleen work in conjunction. Hence, if the liver is affected, it will have an adverse effect on the spleen. (See Reference 1)
  • If a person is suffering from anemia, it is quite possible that he or she could be having an enlarged spleen. (See Reference 1)
  • People having enlarged spleen tend to bleed more often when they get minor scrapes or cuts, and also the healing process could be slow. (See Reference 1)
  • If a person is facing continuous abdominal problems, like discomfort or pain, then it is best to visit a doctor as it could be due to an enlarged spleen. (See Reference 1)

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