Why Do Joints Pop

Why Do Joints Pop ?

Knees or elbows sometimes make a crackling noise and it is called popping. There are several reasons why joints crack and pop. Sometimes, it is normal for the joints to pop. However, people often wonder why do joints pop. So, to answer this question, here is a list of the most common reasons that cause the joints to pop.


All joints in the body are cushioned with a balloon like structure and it surrounds them. These balloons are filled with synovial fluid which contains nutrients, gases like carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen. This fluid also helps to protect the joints by acting as shock absorbers and preventing injuries. When the joint is stretched beyond its capacity, the pressure inside this bubble also changes because it gets stretched along with the joint. The bubble collapses because of the stretching and the change in pressure. When the bubbles collapse, they make a popping noise. This sound or noise repeats quite often because the bubble must be filled with gases again in order to bulge and provide the cushioning.

When the bones of a joint move, ligaments and the tendons attached to them also move. The sudden movement can cause them to make the popping noise. When people are in motion, the tendons and ligaments are constantly moving. Sometimes, they over extend themselves or slightly get out of position, which results in the sound. However, soon they get back to their initial position. When a person exercises, the tendons tighten up and when they start to move their ankle, knee or any other joint the popping sound is released.

In healthy joint, cartilages surround the bone. The cartilage supports the bone structure and prevents damage. When a joint is worn out, it becomes rough and rigid. It is a common condition when people have arthritis. The lack of cartilage causes the bones to rub against each other. While this can be painful, it also causes the popping sound.

People often say do not crack your joints because you can get arthritis. However, there is no evidence that cracking knuckles or getting joints cracked by chiropractors can result in arthritis. When a person voluntarily cracks the joints of their knuckles, they are just releasing the gas bubble. People who are used to this have a constant need to do it. However, one should take it seriously when they experience pain while doing it. If this is a case, a person should consult a doctor to find out the reason for the pain.

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