How Much Protein Per Day Quiet Sympathetic Nervous System?  

When the nutrition is not right, it might cause changes in the working of the sympathetic nervous system. It might also cause organs in the body to malfunction. Studies have shown that diet can have a positive effect in stimulating the sympathetic nervous system when given in good quantities, and it can also have a negative impact when the vital nutrients are not given.

New born infants require 10 g of proteins every day for the first two years, and it can be increased to 12 g once the child turns three. Do not give a diet high in proteins unless advised by a doctor. The same is for adults also. They do not need lots of protein as the body does not store protein. Take in only what is needed for the day. The diet has to be balanced. 

To know exactly how much protein your body needs, multiply your weight by 0.75 g for sedentary people. If you are prone to exercising for an hour or so, multiply your body weight by 1 g or 1.2 g. Athletes will need more as they have to maintain more muscles, and build and repair tissues at a higher rate than people who do not exercise. So, they need to take in at least 1.2 g to 1.4 g multiplied by body weight. For those athletes who are into strength training, an increase of 1.6 g to 1.7 g is sufficient. 

Eat sufficient quantities of fish, eggs, vegetables and dairy products. Do not become your own doctor or nutritionist while facing problems. The specialists will diagnose what your body needs.

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How Much Protein Per Day Quiet Sympathetic Nervous System




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