Tell Me About The Nervous System  

The nervous system is one of the most complex systems in the human body.  It can be classified into the Central Nervous System or the CNS, and the Peripheral Nervous System or the PNS.

The CNS is made up of the spinal cord and brain. Both the brain and spinal cord are protected by bones. They are also surrounded by special membranes called meninges, and are filled with a distinctive fluid called cerebrospinal fluid. The brain is the control center which tells the body what to do, how and when to do it. It receives information via nerves and spinal cord, and sends out information the same way. The spinal cord goes from the brain, and runs all the way down through the back of the body. Threadlike nerves branch out from the spinal cord and go to all part of the body.

The Peripheral Nervous System is made up of nerve cells or neurons. One has to take good care of the body to maintain a healthy life. In case of an injury and damage to some nerve cells, the damaged nerves have little or no ability to repair themselves which can prove to be a tragic loss to the respective person.   

Neurons carry messages from various parts of the body in the form of electric impulses.  Neurons consist of axons and dendrites. Electric impulses have to go from the Axon of one neuron to the Dendrite of another neuron. As the neurons do not touch one another, the electric impulse has to change to chemical signal before it reaches the next neuron, whereupon it reverts to electric impulse.

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Tell Me About The Nervous System




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