What Is Angel Kiss Birthmark ?  

Birthmark can be described as a blotch, which occurs on the skin after the child is born. These marks generally stay for a longer period of time. The Angel Kiss birthmarks are also referred to as vascular birthmarks or salmon spots. They could be defined as a flat red patch with uneven edges. These birthmarks cause no harm, and are also considered to be very common at birth.

Primarily, they are found at the back of neck, center of eyebrows and adjacent to mouth or nose. These marks are caused because the capillaries and blood vessels are detectable from the skin of a child.

When blood flow is more in a specific part the mark is prominently visible. As this is not any disease, so it cannot be judged before the birth of a child. It is seen that these birthmarks are present in maximum number of infants born, which is not a cause of worry.

To be on the safer side for parents, the diagnosis can just be to consult a pediatrician but no tests or any sort of biopsy should be carried out. Sometimes, it is seen that these marks disappear on their own as the child grows. It is observed that the marks on the neck are covered by the hairs usually so are not even visible maximum times. Allergic symptoms or any sort of pain is also not observed in these marks, which makes them harmless to be there on the body.

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What Is Angel Kiss Birthmark




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