Dry Flaky Skin On Ears  

Dry flaky skin patches around and inside the ears are indicative of a medical condition called ‘Seborrheaic dermatitis’. It is a kind of skin disease caused by a yeast strain, named Pityrosporum ovale. As P. ovale feeds mainly on sebum, the condition occurs very commonly in people having oily skin, especially in areas, like sides of nose, eyebrows, ears, and scalp, which have numerous oil glands beneath the skin.

Although these irritating, itchy patches of flaky skin are harmless, they are usually stubborn and difficult to treat. If you notice any such dry, flaky patches on skin around your ears, get in touch with a dermatologist immediately. If you ignore them, they will eventually become inflamed and red, and may also spread inside the ears, and to your chest and chin.

The most common signs of dry flaky skin on ears include fishlike scaling, inflammation, and irresistible itching on skin around one or both the ears. In more severe cases, cracking, tightness, and chapping of skin is also observed. If ignored for a longer time, skin becomes thinner over time, resulting in open, painful wounds inside and outside the ears.

The best way to keep the condition under control is to use a 1 percent Nizoral Shampoo as face wash to clean the affected areas on the ears. Rinse using lukewarm water, pat it dry, and cover it with cortisone-cream, an over-the-counter formulation available at any local drug store. Gently massage the cream on affected area, until absorbed into the skin. Repeat for at least around 7 days to get rid of flaky skin. If no improvement is seen in the condition, consult a dermatologist for stronger antifungal medicines. Also, keep away from detergents, strong shampoos and cleansers, and perfumed and dyed cosmetics. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin moisture and apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer on the flaky areas.

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Dry Flaky Skin On Ears




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