What Is The New Fashion Trends ?  

What Is The New Fashion Trends

Fashion trends for men and women keep changing and if you want to look as a part of the fashionable crowd, it is a must to know what are the new fashion trends. Sometimes, following the current fashion trend can make all the difference in your life. More...


Current Womens Fashion Trends And Patterns

Current Womens Fashion Trends And Patterns

The interest in the tribal theme continues. There are zebra stripes, leopard spots, and other African influences in this summer’s tribal look. Gladiator sandals feature animal prints and the wide belts and accessories have warrior look with large studs and buckles.

The soft jumpsuit is going to be the trademark trend for the year 2009. It has the ease of a dress and the comfort of a pant. Wearing two or more colors from the same color family is going to be the fashion now. It is time to show off the shoulder with asymmetric necklines. More...


Mens 2009 Fashion Trends

Mens 2009 Fashion Trends

Suits in 2009 are going to be a fusion between classic tailoring, classic looks and modern masculine silhouette. They will have broad shoulders, slim waist and slim trousers. The double breasted suit in 2009 is not for hiding a plump figure but tailored to highlight the perfect masculine shape, the V shaped well worked body.

2009 is going to see the return of the three-piece suit. The waistcoat has to be conservative and it is in the same fabric as the other two pieces. Two or three piece suits with Oxford bags are making a come back. Oxford bags are loose pleated trousers made popular at the British University. They are not going to be as baggy as they were way back in 1920s and 1930s paired with fitted waistcoat or jacket. More...





Skin & Beauty:

1970s-Fashion-And-Trends      1960s had introduced the trend of mini skirts and bell-bottoms. When 1970s took off it was a continuation of the earlier period. The hippie look of the 1960s continued. The Mexican blouses were still popular. A mid calf length dress called ‘midi’ and ankle length dress called ‘maxi’ made their appearance. More..




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