Step By Step Hair Coloring Techniques  

Tired of looking for gray hair and cutting them one by one standing against the mirror? You should better sit and read the techniques mentioned here for coloring your hair so that you do away with the pain of standing and individually cutting your hair, forever.

Here are those pain-saving techniques:

  • First and foremost, you should estimate the amount of gray hair present and have a rough approximation in percentage so that you know which product and what variant is suitable for your hair.
  • If you have 20 percent of gray hair, you should go for a semi-permanent hair dye. It begins to fade away after being washed for 6-12 times. You might want to recolor your hair accordingly and regularly, especially if you are type who shampoos their hair everyday.
  • If the percentage of the gray hair is about 50, then you should go for a slightly long-lasting semi-permanent, also known as “quasi”. They last for about 24 to 28 washes. In case the word “quasi” is not mentioned on the package, you should look for the time span the color would last on the hair.
  • For over 50 percent gray hair, a permanent hair dye is recommendable. You can still use a semi-permanent hair dye but, note that it may not cover all the grayness of the hair. But, some of the people also prefer semi-permanent hair dyes due to the following reasons:
    • A slight grayness of the hair retained looks natural and gives a feeling that one has not used any coloring agent on the hair.
    • It requires less of doing touch-ups.
    • They are softer on the hair than the permanent hair dyes, leaving a good amount of shine on the hair.

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Step By Step Hair Coloring Techniques




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Step By Step Hair Coloring Techniques )
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