Home Treatment For Ingrown Toenails  

Ingrown toenail is a condition where in the nail grows and cuts into the nail bed. It can happen to any nail on hands and feet but it is most common for toenails. Some of the causes of ingrown toenails are bad maintenance, ill fitting shoes, injury to the flesh and abnormally shaped nail bed.

Symptoms of ingrown toenails:

  • Pain along the nail margins
  • Pain gets worse while wearing shoes
  • Sensitivity to pressure
  • Infection, redness and swelling

The steps given below can be followed if the condition is in the initial stages and this is the best home treatment for ingrown toenails.

  • The foot has to be soaked in warm water three to four times a day. Epsom salts can be used in water.
  • The foot has to be washed twice a day with soap and water. It has to be kept clean and dry during the rest of the day.
  • It is better to avoid wearing high heels or tight fitting shoes till the problem is resolved. Wearing of sandals is preferred till things become normal.
  • Peroxide can be used to clean minor infections but Iodine can be used to prevent bacterial growth. Iodine is not be used if the wound is deep.  
  • An attempt has to be made to lift the nail corner away from the skin. A small piece of cotton or gauze can be made into a roll and this need to be inserted below the nail to keep the nail elevated. It will be painful but it is necessary. The roll can be inserted further after every soak. The roll needs to be changed daily. If this is continued for two weeks it will help the nail to grow out and get separated from the skin.
If the area around the nail gets infected, it has to be treated by a professional to get relief and to avoid further complications.

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Home Treatment For Ingrown Toenails




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