Essential Oil And Nail Fungus  

Toenail fungus is infection of bacteria that has entered the skin tissues around the nail. It is best tackled with topical treatment. Essential oils play a paramount role. They are of 2 types which are able to penetrate the nail and eliminate the growth of fungi. They are Tea Tree and Oregano Oils.

Tea tree oil is an extract from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, an Australian plant. It is a powerful anti-fungal agent. It is also a good antiseptic solution used in the body for severe skin infections.

Oregano Oil is a good natural remedy for treating skin infections and toenail fungus. It also possesses antiseptic, anti-parasitical and anti-bacterial actions.

Lavender Oil is also very effective as it has healing properties. It can be used with Tea tree’s essential oil. A cotton swab smeared with a combination of these two oils should be applied to the affected nail on all its sides and under the top nail, twice or thrice a day.

Olive oil is also very good and not merely to taken internally. If combined with Essential Tea tree Oil and applied to the affected nail, it penetrates deep into and under the nail and removes infection by killing the fungus. It should be applied for a period of 15 days.

Zetaclear is oil which is effective in removing the discoloration of the nail. With a few applications, the nail becomes healthy, clear and transparent.

Thus, we see the importance in the discovery of various oils that can be used to treat nail fungus.

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Essential Oil And Nail Fungus




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