Cost Of Mesotherapy  

Mesotherapy is a globally renowned process of treating a damaged skin. The treatment involves injecting medicines which consist of herbs, vitamins, and other important nutrients. The medicines then start reacting on the damaged layer. This treatment can be used for treating scars, wrinkles, rejuvenating the facial look and so on.

The process basically dissects and removes the unnecessary fat or cellulite on the surface of the skin. The patient will undergo the treatment on several parts of the body. The average cost per treatment would be somewhere between $250 and $450.

The treatment has to be undergone once in a week followed by ten other stages. The doctor will plan out a treatment procedure which will determine the number of stage that will be involved. Each stage would be carried forward per week. The overall cost for the entire body would be nearly $2500 to $12000. Do not be under the misconception that you can get it claimed under any kind of medical insurance as cosmetic treatments are generally not covered. You will have to bear it from your own budget. They can tend to be expensive if you require the treatment at more than two parts of your body. Normally, the treatment can cure cellulite, facial sagging, wrinkles and unwanted fat. The injections will inject micro drops of drug into the skin thereby making it less painful.

Now the cost that has been mentioned does not include the consultation charges. So understand that there can be any kind of additional costs involved too. The consultation charges should go anywhere from $200 to $500.The doctors do offer a discount depending on the number of packages you buy and the number of treatments you undergo. The treatment is highly famous in Europe and recently gaining popularity in U.S. Once the treatment gets over, you will also need to go for a routine follow up which might again burn some more dollars.

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Cost Of Mesotherapy




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