Mesotherapy And Scars  

Scars are caused due to injuries. They remain attached to the skin and take months to diminish. Silica is present in our body and often repairs these scars by introducing new tissues. Apart from silica, various other ingredients in the form of vitamins and/or amino acids do produce collagen and elastin. Both equally play a very important role in enhancing the production and nutritional essence of the new cells.

We often get paranoid with certain changes in our body which directly or indirectly affects the look of our body. Hence, the easy way out is to go for some kind of surgery or operation, whereby the scars can permanently disappear.

Mesotherapy is a homeopathic process undertaken in order to stimulate the fresh skin over the damaged one. The process consists of nucleoproteins, vitamins and placenta. The surgery is done with the help of disposable needles. The drug is slowly passed through the blood and the result can be noticed as soon as the treatment is completed. The other methods involve color therapy and lifting mask both of which are gaining popularity.

The treatment would help in reducing the scar size and signs of marks to a great extent. It will also repair the tissue lying below the skin and would enhance its color. Moreover, it does not indicate that you will have to take a month’s leave for this treatment as it is quick and extremely comfortable. However, it should not be carried out when the patient undergoes some serious medical condition or suffers from asthma. Pregnant ladies cannot undergo this treatment either. There can be certain side-effects of this treatment if you do not follow the restrictions carefully. You are not supposed to apply make-up or any kind of lotion for at least 4 hours. There should not be any kind of physical exertion for at least 48 hours. Consume food that is rich in proteins and vitamins just before the treatment.

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Mesotherapy And Scars




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