Danger Of Piercing Your Ear Cartilage  

Ear piercing is a common form of piercing. It has been in existence for long. Ear was the first location in the body where the piercing was done.

The oldest mummified body was found in the Austrian glacier in 1991 and the body is supposed to be 5000 year old. The body was having pierced ears and the holes were enlarged to 7-11 mm in diameter.

Hence, there is nothing new about ear piercing and it was followed in old civilizations also. Many primitive tribes had believed that the demons could enter the human body through the ears and they can be repelled by metal.

Generally people are afraid of getting piercing done on the ear cartilage due to the bumps that come up after piercing. The piecing is also known to cause abscess and associated pain. If the piercing is not positioned properly, it can penetrate a nerve and it can cause loss of sensation to the pierced area. The piercing needs to be regularly cleaned carefully to avoid any infections. The following steps can be followed.

The person has to wash his hands with anti-bacterial soap. Piercing can be wetted with water. Few drops of anti-bacterial soap have to be applied on the piercing and with help of a cotton bud it can be worked into lather. Crusted discharge if any is to be is to be removed from the jewelry and the ear with the help of a cotton bud. The jewelry can be rotated to make the disinfectant to penetrate the piercing. Piercing can be rinsed with water and air dried. Avoid use of towel for drying otherwise it may give rise to infection.  

It takes 4 months to a year for the ear piercing to heal properly. The cartilage piercing can take more time to heal and it may be 2-3 times the healing time taken for ear piercing. During this period better not to change the jewelry till it has healed completely.

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Danger Of Piercing Your Ear Cartilage





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