Ear Piercing Tips  

Ear piercing is very popular and it has become quite common these days to wear jewelry in the ears. However, the practice of ear piercing is age old and it is known to have been followed 5,000 years back. Here are some ear piercing tips that will help you.

Ear Piercing Tips:

  • It is necessary to ensure that the ear piercing is taken up at a reputable piercing shop. It is better to get it done from a professional who has the tools needed for doing a proper job.
  • Hydrogen peroxide can be used to for cleaning the piercing once or twice a day. Use a cotton ball to take a little of hydrogen peroxide and gently swab around the piercing. There is a need to move the earrings slowly to make way for hydrogen peroxide to penetrate the piercing. This will ensure that the germs are kept away before the piercing has healed to avoid infection.
  • Remove the crusted discharge if any from the jewelry. Piercing has to be rinsed with water and air dried.
  • It is necessary to keep moving the ear rings once or twice a day. This will ensure that the skin does not grow around the piercing and the ear ring does not get trapped and one should not experience pain while taking out the ear ring latter.
  • If the ears are healing well, one can remove the ear rings and other ear rings can be tried. One should avoid using dangling ear rings till the piercing has completely healed.
  • When the ear rings are removed and one does not wear anything in the ears, there is possibility that the piercing may get closed and there will be difficulty and pain when you want to insert the ear rings again. Hence it is necessary to make a practice of wearing ear rings regularly.  

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Ear Piercing Tips





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