Wrinkles Exercise  

Worrying about the scornful wrinkles that might appear on your skin just as about the time when you would want to feel younger, all the more? You can surely take to some facial exercising to prevent wrinkles in the near future. Here are some facial exercises that take care of your skin against wrinkles and some other issues too.

A facial exercise can strengthen and improve the muscle tone and increases the circulation of blood in the area.

  • Tighten up your muscles to spell long sounds of spellings like “EE”, “OO”, and “AAA” and do remember to keep your lips stretched while you do it.
  • Open up your mouth to roll the tongue as much as possible to you.
  • Sit straight while you face a mirror. Now stretch our neck to look up at the ceiling. While being in the stretched position upwards, roll your head towards the left shoulder. Then roll it back to the front position and bring down the chin to form a right angle with the neck. This exercise is helpful for double chin.
  • Sit straight against a mirror, clench your teeth firmly and curl back your lips. Now, stretch the corner parts of your mouth as much apart as possible forming an expression of grimace. Keep the contraction intact to the count of 6 and relax. Now, push the lower jaw forward, as much as you can and relax. This is good for jaws that look flabby.
  • Sit straight in front a mirror and suck in your cheeks. Blow them alternately. Pushing one of the sides of your mouth up and out, keep smiling. Repeat the same with the other side of the mouth. This takes care of the laughter lines that develop due to age.

It is advisable to repeat every exercise listed above at least 10 times.

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Wrinkles Exercise




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