Why Would My Child Breath Smell Bad ?  

At times healthy children and adults too have bad breath. If brushing the teeth or rinsing the mouth helps to remove the odor, then it is no cause to worry. Normal bacteria that live in the mouth interact with the leftover food particles.

These reside on the surface of the tonsils, at the back of the throat, on the tongue, between the teeth or on the gum line. Bacteria, if left to stagnate and proliferate, can cause bad odor in a healthy child.

When bacteria are undisturbed they react with the saliva causing bad breath. This is what happens after sleep and why we all have ‘morning breath’. Rinsing with water or brushing will remove all signs of bad breath. Eating and drinking can cleanse the substances from the mouth. Give your toddler snacks and drinks at regular intervals.

Bad breath could also be caused through sucking a pacifier, sucking the thumb or by chewing on the blanket. The object could have an odor from repeated exposure to saliva and oral bacteria. Try and make the child stop the sucking habit. Sterilize those items that he frequently sucks on.

Bad breath could emanate from poor dental hygiene and tartar build up, gingivitis or dental abscess. The child should be taken to visit the dentist regularly to have his teeth and gums examined.

A sinus infection or respiratory infection could also cause bad breath.

Inflammation of the pharynx or of the tonsils could produce a foul odor. Sometimes the tonsils may have food debris stuck in them. The debris can be removed by a doctor.

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Why Would My Child Breath Smell Bad




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