Allergic Reactions To Bone Grafts  

Several people, who have been advised a bone graft surgery, are worried about the pain involved, and all the risks that they are likely to be exposed to.

There are several new technologies in the methods of bone grafting, and one of the most recent ones is to make grafting material from bovines. The bovine material is FDA approved, and also suits humans well. Human bone is also used for bone grafts.

However, allergic reactions are very much lurking around the corner after a bone graft surgery. The reasons may be that the body has not adjusted to the new material well and therefore, is setting off the reaction. The body could be possibly treating the bone grafting material as a foreign body and that is why it is causing allergic reactions.

Different doctors or surgeons use different materials. The best approach to avoid future problems is to discuss the bone grafting procedure, and material with your doctor in detail. You should get a complete idea before the procedure itself and then, if possible, do some research about it, and also take a second opinion at the same time. There have been several advancements in bone grafting procedures. Keep in touch with the developments, and check to see if there are some newer implants or procedures that are more effective than the bone graft. Be an informed patient always.

However, after a bone graft procedure, doctors do watch closely for any possible allergic reactions and infections until you are discharged from the hospital.

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Allergic Reactions To Bone Grafts




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