Alternatives To Dental Crowns  

Dental crowns or dental bridges mean the same in the end. A dental bridge is nothing but a false porcelain tooth with two crowns placed on either side a gap within the set of teeth. These crowns help to hold the porcelain tooth in its place.

There are two to three types of dental bridges that are common. All the three types have a crown.

However, there can be some inherent problems with a dental crown. One is the fit of the crown. If the dental crown does not fit into the gap correctly, then you might have to deal with several other problems. Food will get stuck in the gaps and cleaning can become very difficult. Also, a badly fitting crown is very uncomfortable and it may spoil the looks, and also interfere with speech.

The only alternative to dental bridge is a dental implant. Instead of using a bridge, the dentist would fix a tooth and screw it on to the jaw. Dental implants are done using local anesthesia, and they take a while to adjust. The tooth used in implants can be of various materials like porcelain, metal and even gold. The possibility of having a dental implant depends on the strength of the jaw bone. If you have been having a problem with just one tooth, then implant may be the right choice. A dental implant also lasts much longer than a dental bridge. Even though it is far more expensive than a bridge, it is still worth the money spent.

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Alternatives To Dental Crowns




Average-Cost-Of-A-Dental-Crown      A dental crown is a part of the dental bridge, and the cost would be for the whole set of two crowns and the porcelain tooth, which is the bridge. The cost of the dental bridge varies depending on the type of the bridge, and also the length of the procedure. For example, some people may need a dental bridge and an implant along with it. More..




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