Chewing With Dentures  

Dentures are used when a person does not have any teeth left in either the upper jaw or the lower one. Sometimes people use dentures for both jaws. Dentures are the simplest and cheapest solution for people who have many teeth missing.

To place the dentures, the dentist would take the impression of your teeth several times. They are made with an acrylic base and plastic gums. To make a complete set of dentures the dentist would ask you to come at least five times. It takes some time for a person to adjust to their new set of dentures. Especially while speaking and eating, the dentures tend to fall out in the beginning. However, over a period of time, they seem to set in to the jaw.

A person takes time to adjust to the eating with dentures. It would be difficult eating harder substances in the beginning. Natural teeth can easily move up and down while chewing. However, when someone has dentures, they have to chew from side to side. It is not possible to chew in the regular fashion. This will not happen automatically, and it takes time to develop the habit. Also, the chewing pattern differs from patient to patient.

Some of the things that you can do to make chewing with dentures easy are to have smaller bites when you have food, eating meat that is cut into smaller pieces, and do not bite into harder food itemss as this may damage your dentures and also hurt your gums.

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Chewing With Dentures




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