Sensitive Tooth After Crown Put On Tooth  

Crowns are also known as caps. These are dental restorations that are fitted over teeth. Usually it becomes necessary to have a crown put on a tooth after it has broken, chipped, become highly sensitive or fractured.

In addition, crowns are also used for cosmetic purposes to give a better appearance when teeth are badly discolored, malformed or out of position. A crown is usually made from porcelain and it ends up blending with your natural teeth. At times, dentists are forced to use a metal shell under the crown to ensure that it gets required strength.

There are two types of crowns -- temporary and permanent. Sometimes after a crown is fitted a person can suffer from sensitive tooth and this can happen both with the temporary as well as permanent crown.

If you experience sensitive tooth after a crown is put on your tooth, it is best to inform your dentist about the same. Usually a person will experience increased sensitivity when eating or drinking hot and cold foods and beverages. For a temporary crown, this maybe caused due to the fact that the crown is not sitting on the tooth properly and thereby exposing some portion of the root below the gumline. The good thing about this is that the crown is temporary and the sensitivity will disappear the moment it is replaced with a permanent crown.

However, what happens when a sensitive tooth occurs after a permanent crown is put on a tooth? It happens very often that after a permanent crown is fitted, a person experiences tooth sensitivity and usually this is along the gumline, at the edges of the crown. This can be easily treated. All you need to do is use toothpaste for sensitive teeth and it will immediately help with the problem. This toothpaste contains ingredients that help to tackle teeth sensitivity. However, instead of going out and purchasing your own toothpaste, speak to your dentist first. Most probably he will recommend a toothpaste suited for your needs and requirements.

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Sensitive Tooth After Crown Put On Tooth




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