Tooth Decay And Relation To Soda Pop  

Dentists are reporting an increase in the number of patients who have suffered significant damage to their enamel. In fact, there are many people who have either perforated enamel or completely dissolved enamel.

The damage the dentists report is so severe that many patients suffer from tooth sensitivity and tooth decay that requires them to spend a lot of money on treatment.

Dentists report that tooth decay is related to drinking of soda pop. So, what is relation of tooth decay to soda pop? You will be surprised to note it is not the sugar that causes the tooth decay but the acid content in the soda pop.

Many of you may have noticed that after drinking soda, teeth feel rough. This is due to the presence of phosphoric acid present in the soda. This acid etches the enamel and is responsible for the roughness of the teeth. In addition, the carbonation process is also responsible for creating carbonic acid in the soda solution.

Tooth enamel is made up of mostly calcium and when you drink soda pop, the acid in the soda dissolves the calcium in the enamel. The decay caused by drinking soda pop is worse when a person sips and swishes the soda in the mouth.

Of course, this does not mean that you should stop drinking soda completely. In fact, you may have it occasionally but refrain from drinking it every day. And when you are drinking soda, you should try swallowing it immediately rather than swishing it in your mouth. This way of drinking will reduce the time that the soda is in contact with your teeth and may help in reducing the damage done by the acid present in soda.

Also, do not brush your teeth immediately after drinking soda as the softened enamel will wear away faster. Instead wait for an hour. And never drink soda pop and go to sleep as the acid and sugar will end up eating into your teeth and this will result in cavities and tooth decay.

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Tooth Decay And Relation To Soda Pop




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