Tooth Decay Due To Cold Drinks  

A scientific research was recently published that received a lot of publicity because of what it had concluded. According to the research people's dietary habits are changing and they are now taking over incorrect eating habits. More and more people are resorting to snacking rather than eating three meals a day.

This fact can be seen when it comes to drinking cold drinks. There is a surge in the amount of cold drinks people are drinking and now this trend is not just confined to children. Even adults are drinking cold drinks and this would explain why there is a sudden increase in tooth decay.

Tooth decay due to cold drinks is common nowadays. Earlier people used to drink tea and coffee, but now practically everyone is indulging in cold drinks, even infants. These cold drinks have large amounts of sugar and acids that play havoc with people's dental health. The acid present in the cold drinks eats away the enamel while the sugar creates the perfect environment for bacteria. And these two actions leads to tooth decay coupled with poor oral hygiene.

Scientists believe that it is not just the acidic environment of the cold drink that is bad. Rather one had to take into account titratable acidity of the cold drink. Titratable acidity is the amount of alkali that is required to be added to an acid to bring its pH to neutral. In other words, it gives the strength of the acid and its potential to erode. All cold drinks have high titratable acidity and that is why they erode the enamel so easily. Once the enamel is eroded, the tooth becomes more susceptible to tooth decay.

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Tooth Decay Due To Cold Drinks




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