Women And Cardiovascular Training

Women And Cardiovascular Training

If you are a woman, you will hear a lot about women and cardiovascular training. Cardiovascular training is considered decisive for women's health and any exercise program tailor-made for women will necessarily have cardiovascular training.

Even physicians and health experts will ratify the truth about women and cardiovascular training.

Cardiovascular training for women is an excellent way to burn fat. If you are looking to regain the svelte figure you had a few years ago, then cardiovascular exercises in the form of walking, jogging, aerobics or riding bicycles could be the answer for you.

According to experts, traditional low intensity cardiovascular exercise for 30 minutes burns around 200 calories and around 60 percent of the calories come from fat reserves in the body. High intensity cardiovascular exercise burns around 400 calories with 35 percent coming from the fat in the body. Although the fat burned during high intensity cardiovascular exercises is low compared to low intensity exercises, the total fat burned is much greater.

When it comes to women and cardiovascular training, make sure that your exercise program has all the ingredients. You need to pay more attention to the health benefits rather than the amount of calories burned. Do not go into cardiovascular training just for losing weight. Remember that overall you feel healthier and fitter when you start doing cardiovascular training regularly.

One of the best cardiovascular exercises for women is swimming. It is a low impact sport which is easy on the joints and knees. In addition, it also helps women who are pregnant and looking to something easy to maintain their health and weight. However, you can also incorporate walking, aerobics and skipping as part of your cardiovascular training. Make sure you exercise for around 30 to 60 minutes two to six times a week. The more you workout, the stronger and healthier your cardiovascular system and your body will be.

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Women And Cardiovascular Training