Chest Bone Pain Pacemaker

Chest Bone Pain Abd Pacemaker

A pacemaker is implanted into the chest in order to adjust the rhythms of the heart.

It is normally used when the heart is beating abnormally and by sending an electrical impulse to the heart, it stimulates the heart to beat at a normal pace. A pacemaker can improve the quality of life of a person and with the aid of a pacemaker, the person can start living a more active life.

Pacemakers are generally used to correct abnormal slow heart beat. It helps the heart to beat at a faster rate. Basically a pacemaker is an electronic device that is powered by battery. The pacemaker is implanted on the wall of the chest and two leads are placed next to heart so that electrical impulse can travel from the device to the heart. The process of implanting a pacemaker is a surgical process and with the technology improvements these days, most people can go home within the day if no complications are registered by the doctor.

However, there are some people who experience chest bone pain with pacemakers. This can be because of the surgical process and usually subsides as the incision heals. You can ask the doctor for pain-relief medication to help you cope with the chest bone pain. However, in some people the pain can stay on and become a dull chronic pain. Some patients have reported that the pain is usually left on the side where the pacemaker is inserted and this pain can get worse when the person does heavy breathing.

If you experience chronic chest bone pain with a pacemaker, you should immediately bring it to your doctor's notice, who will be able to tell you what course of action should be taken.

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Chest Bone Pain Pacemaker