Mri For Patient With A Pacemaker

MRI For Patient With A Pacemaker

People with pacemakers are always advised not to have an MRI because the magnetic rays can interfere with the proper and efficient working of the device.

In addition, the magnetic resonance in an MRI can be fatal for a person with a pacemaker. Therefore, it can be assumed that MRI for patient with a pacemaker is completely out.

However, a recent study has concluded that MRI for patient with a pacemaker need not be dangerous. This study was conducted by the Oklahoma Heart Institute in Tulsa and it concluded that a patient with a pacemaker should not be denied an MRI as it can have a profound effect on the care for the patient.

The study further added that there is data where people with pacemakers have had MRIs with no detrimental effect as it was previously thought. Until now around 10 people with pacemakers have died due to MRI but the available information on these deaths is insufficient as no electrocardiographic data was available.

According to the researchers who conducted the study, some 54 patients with pacemakers were initially screened to ensure that there were no problems with the functioning of the device. Then these patients were made to undergo 62 MRIs and they were checked again and the functioning of device was found to be efficient and normal. The patients did not suffer any adverse effect due to the MRI examinations and the only symptoms reported were minor changes in the electrocardiographic data. The MRI scans that these patients underwent included organ MRIs as well as whole body MRIs.

Therefore, it can be safe to say that MRI for patient with a pacemaker is possible but it is best to check with your doctor before having a scan.

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Mri For Patient With A Pacemaker