Price Of Heart Pacemakers

Price Of Heart Pacemakers

When a person has abnormally slow heart beats, the doctor will recommend implanting a pacemaker.

If the pacemaker is not used to treat the person's condition, he will experience certain symptoms that will deteriorate the quality of life, the person may suffer from a heart failure or die suddenly. The symptoms that the person will experience without a pacemaker are weakness, fatigue, dizziness, syncope, confusion and sudden death

Although there are medications available to slow heart beats, unfortunately there are no medications available to accelerate the heart beat. The only solution that a person has is to use a pacemaker.

Today a pacemaker can be implanted into a person's body with a minor surgical procedure and one does not have to undergo an open heart surgery. Once the pacemaker is implanted, you can go back to your normal lifestyle and can resume activities with hardly any limitations.

A pacemaker is an electronic device that is powered by batteries. Each time your heart beat slows down or become irregular, the device will send an electrical impulse to the heart and increase the speed of the heart beats. The impulse is sent through two wires which travel through a vein to the heart.

Whenever people hear that they need a pacemaker, their first question usually will be about the price of heart pacemakers. You can different types of pacemakers and the prices vary accordingly. If your doctor recommends a single chamber pacemaker, be prepared to pay around $5,400 for it. The price of a double chamber pacemaker is around $7,200 while that of a biventricular pacemaker is around $13,200.

However, do not let the price of heart pacemakers stop you. You can check with your doctor or online resources as to where you can get discounted pacemakers.

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Price Of Heart Pacemakers