Symptoms Of Low Battery On Pacemakers

Symptoms Of Low Battery On Pacemakers

Technology has ensured that pacemaker batteries work more efficiently so that the battery life has only increased with time.

A battery of pacemakers can last as long as 7 to 10 years after which it will need to be replaced. So, what are the symptoms of low battery on pacemakers?

Usually when the battery of a pacemaker is running out, it will send a signal. This signal is usually discovered by the doctor when the patient goes for regular annual checkups. It is at that time that the battery will be replaced. However, you need not worry as the battery on pacemakers does not die suddenly. The doctor will have sufficient time to replace low battery on pacemakers.

Since majority of the pacemaker is made up of the battery and this is sealed inside the casing, replacing the battery actually means replacing the entire device. One of the most common symptoms of low battery on pacemakers is that the pacemakers tend to slow down.

Usually the doctor will discover that the battery on the pacemaker is running out before you can detect any symptoms yourself. When this is found out, the doctor will schedule a surgical procedure. This procedure will be similar to the one when the pacemaker was implanted into your chest.

You will be given a local anesthesia, the old incision will be reopened and the pacemaker will be detached from the wire leads and removed. Then the new pacemaker will be fitted into the chest, attached to the wire leads and the incision will be closed.

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Symptoms Of Low Battery On Pacemakers