What Are A Pacemaker Parameters

What Are A Pacemaker Parameters ?

Technology has improved so much that these days a pacemaker can not only stimulate the heart to beat faster, it can also sense the way a heart is performing.

It is this sensing activity that the pacemaker uses to send the appropriate electrical impulse to the heart. The modern-day pacemaker can also change the pace of the heart beat depending on the person's metabolism during exercise.

If you want to know what are pacemaker parameters, then you will have to study the diagnostics of the pacemaker. The diagnostics of the pacemaker gives very specific information. However, according to doctors the main pacemaker parameters are rate, output and sensitivity. These parameters can be adjusted based on the patient's heart rate and the doctor will always set the maximum and minimum threshold. It is between these thresholds that the pacemaker will function in.

Adjustment of the pacemaker parameters determined how long the pacemaker will live. The parameters of rate, output and sensitivity can be captured through the pacemaker as it is equipped to collect and store information. This is what is called the diagnostics wherein all the relevant information about the patient, events, the rate of occurrence of the events and the distribution pattern of the events are recorded and stored for the doctor to check whenever the patient goes for his or her check up.

Pacemaker parameters are extremely important as the proper function of the device depend on them. That is why the person has to undergo a battery of tests so that the parameters can then be adjusted on the pacemaker before the implantation takes place.

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What Are A Pacemaker Parameters