Fluid In Lungs After Valve Replacement  

Many times patients complain of fluid in lungs after valve replacement surgery. In fact, lung problems after valve replacement surgery are a possible complication that can occur in patients. However, fluid in lungs after valve replacement is not abnormal. It usually occurs in almost all patients.

The accumulation of fluid in lungs after valve replacement surgery is due to the surgical procedure and is generally not dangerous. This is the reason why patients who have valve replacement surgery have a tube inserted into their windpipe so that mucus and fluids from the lungs can be drained out.  

According to experts fluid in the lungs after valve replacement surgery can occur due to many reasons. Some of them are topical cooling of the heart with ice, during the surgical procedure complete drainage of the lungs could be done, pleurotomy and/or bleeding into the pleural space.

After the valve replacement surgery, you will be made to take deep breaths and cough around 10 to 20 times an hour so that the fluid build up in your lungs does not occur or the mucus and fluid can be coughed out. In addition, you will be taught to use a small device known an incentive spirometer which will help you see how deep you can breathe. It will also teach you to breathe deeply.

Some patients develop fluid in the lungs a few weeks after the surgery. If this happens, you should immediately inform your doctor. It might require surgical intervention or treatment so that you do not get any complications.

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Fluid In Lungs After Valve Replacement




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