Long And Short Term Effects Of Pubic Lice

Long And Short Term Effects Of Pubic Lice      Pubic lice (Pthirus pubis), also known as crabs, are small parasitic insects that resemble a crab in appearance and which dwell in the pubic hair. Usually the signs and symptoms are the same for both men and women and include severe itching in the pubic area and painful rashes.

     Apart from these symptoms, the other signs that indicate the presence of pubic lice are the lice droppings which get deposited in the underwear and appear as a black powdery substance and whitish brown eggs (or nits) which remain attached to the body of the pubic hair. In cases or severe infestation, one can even find pubic lice on the pubic skin on close examination.

     Pubic lice are contracted through close contact with an infested person -- sexual contact (with or without a condom), sharing clothes (towels and bed sheets), or soaking and washing your clothes (especially undergarments) along with those of an infected person. However, one good thing about pubic lice is that they cannot fly or jump to get transferred from the body of an infected person to that of an uninfected person.

     Although there are no long term effects of pubic lice, secondary infestations are common when the nits begin to hatch. The best option is to kill the pubic lice using topical medicated shampoos and medicated creams, and repeating this treatment once again after a gap of two weeks in order to kill the newly hatched eggs. You must also try to avoid close contact with a person you know you have contracted the lice from. It is best to clean the undergarments, clothes, towels and bed sheets, using hot water to prevent secondary infestation of pubic lice.

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Long And Short Term Effects Of Pubic Lice