Signs For Pubic Lice

Signs For Pubic Lice     Pubic lice (Pthirus pubis), also known as ‘Crabs’, Genital Lice, Pubic Louse, Genital Crabs or Genital Louse, are parasitic insects which are found in the pubic area of humans and also in the hair on the legs, armpits, moustache, beard, eyebrows, or eyelashes.

     Pubic lice infestation in a young child or teenager indicates that the individual is sexually activity or has been subjected to sexual abuse.

     Pubic lice may either infest our body as an egg, as a nymph or as an adult. Adult pubic lice appear as minute reddish brown or grayish crab shaped insects while the nits appear as small white eggs. When they begin to infest the pubic area, the pubic lice may or may not cause any symptoms at all. Asymptomatic presence is rare, though, and there are several signs to indicate the presence of pubic lice such as:

  • Frequent, severe itching, which is caused as an allergic response due to the saliva of the pubic lice.
  • Pubic lice clinging on to the coarse pubic hair and crawling all over.
  • Nits clinging to the length of the pubic hair.
  • Small, inflamed red raw marks, sores or bumps on the pubic area, caused by frequent scratching.
  • In people with severe pubic lice infestations, a very prominent sign is the presence of a tiny bluish grey lesion on the inner thighs, lower abdomen, or on the inner arms near the armpits. This is known as maculae ceruleae syndrome, which is not very common.
  • Pubic lice droppings, which appear as tiny black specks or flakes, may be seen in the underwear of the infected person.

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Signs For Pubic Lice