Test That Can Show If A Patient Had A Mini Stroke

Test That Can Show If A Patient Had A Mini Stroke

When it comes to knowing whether a patient has suffered from a mini stroke, doctors employ a combination of tests. Usually a mini stroke is a precursor to a large stroke and if appropriate diagnosis is made, then treatment can avert anything untoward in the future.

Usually the first thing that a doctor will do is evaluate the patient neurologically. Here the doctor will try and figure out the problems in the brain function to determine whether he is suffering or has suffered from a stroke.

Neurological evaluation involves testing different areas of brain that control various functions like consciousness, speech, language, memory, vision, eye movement, sensation, movement of the limbs, reflexes, walking and balance. In addition, the doctor will take into any symptoms that the person is suffering from to help form a diagnosis.

In addition, the person will be subjected to a CAT scan or MRI. This is primarily done to see whether there is any bleeding taking place in the brain. A doctor may recommend an electrocardiogram and monitor your heart beat for a period of 24 hours to see whether you are suffering from arrhythmia.

An echocardiogram can give the doctor a picture of the inside of your heart and he can check whether there are any clot formation within the heart that can go to the brain and cause more mini strokes or a full stroke.

You may also have to undergo a blood test along with an angiography to check the flow of blood in the arteries.

However, to actually determine whether a person has suffered from a mini stroke, the best evaluation method is the neurological examination. All the other tests usually show the risk of suffering from a stroke or the source of the stroke.

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Test That Can Show If A Patient Had A Mini Stroke