Stroke Recovery And Arm Pain  

Stroke often causes tenderness in the arms and legs. The very symptom of stroke is that it starts with a severe pain in one of the shoulders or arms and radiates to the legs. Many people were interviewed during a research on symptoms of stroke just before they had an episode claimed to have suffered from an arm pain.

Some said that they were suffering from prolonged arm pain over a period of time which would last for a while. Actually symptoms like this could be an integral part of the stroke itself before it strikes in full force. Many people agreed that they had severe shoulder pain just before the onset of the stroke.

The same condition continues after a stroke too. Many people who were recovering from a stroke were still experiencing severe arm pain. The arm pain either originates at the shoulders or the arm itself. It is severe in nature that the people can hardly use the affected arm. Some patients even suffered from paralysis in the same arm that was experiencing the pain.

Physiotherapy and other mild exercises have proven to be very beneficial for stroke recovery and easing arm pain rather than pain killers. Also, the chances of arm pain in the same place were least likely if they followed exercises even when the stroke recurs.

An intensive therapy is followed for the recovery of stroke patients in the hospital itself. Efforts are made to help patients who have suffered from paralysis so that they have improved speech and language skills. For people who have not had any long term effects, the other symptoms like arm pain can still be equally devastating and hampering.

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Stroke Recovery And Arm Pain





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