Stroke Stages Recovery  

The recovery process after a stroke entirely depends on the amount of damage the person has sustained during a stroke. Some people have long term disabilities after a stroke like paralytic attacks, muscular dystrophy, loss of vision and hearing and loss of mobility.

Depending on the amount of bodily damage they have had, the recovery process can take a long time. For people who have lost their mobility, it takes at least one to two years after the stroke to recover completely. In some cases the damage could be permanent.

The amount of damage depends on the part of the brain that has been affected when a stroke occurs. Also, physical recovery of the patient by large depends on the age of the person. If a person is too old, then the recovery process could also take very long.

After a stroke if memory has been affected, then the recovery could take several years or just a few weeks. In some cases, the memory may never return.

After a stroke if memory has been affected, then the recovery could take several years or just a few weeks and some times never. Doctors also do not know and cannot tell how long the recovery is going to take. In case of a physical disability like a paralyzed arm or leg, the recovery could take any time from 6 months to 2 years. Some people lose only one hand to paralysis while others lose the entire side of the body. However, paralytic stroke occurs only on one side and it could be either left or right. The damaged cells in the brain have to be revived in order for the patient to recover.

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Stroke Stages Recovery





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