What Is The Life Expectancy With Anal Cancer ?

What Is The Life Expectancy With Anal Cancer ?

The anus represents the final point of the digestive system. The feces travel through the intestines and are finally excreted from the body through the anus. Anal cancer is characterized by the presence of malignancy in the tissues of the anus. This is one of the uncommon forms of cancer that attacks the human body.

          Some of indications of anal cancer are bleeding, pain or lump in the anal region, itching in and around the anus, and discharge. Treatment for this type of cancer is similar as in the cases of other cancers, which means undergoing radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. However, there is a well established system of staging of anal cancer that is taken as a parameter to decide upon the form of treatment and predict the life expectancy of the patient. The TNM staging system has been conceived by the American Joint Committee on Cancer and it aids in assessing the gravity of the fatal disease.

          The growth of the primary tumor is symbolized by the "T stage", the "N stage" showcases the spread of the malignancy with respect to the lymph nodes and the "M stage" projects the probability of invasion of the cancerous cells into the other distant body parts. Within the T stage, the scale of evaluation extends from T1, which means carcinoma in situ to T4 that represents a tumor of any size that has spread to the adjoining organs such as the vagina, urethra, or bladder. Similarly, the N stage commences with N0 that notifies lack of cancer in the lymph nodes and ends at N3 that represents that the cancer has managed to spread to the perirectal lymph nodes and inguinal lymph nodes. Finally, comes the M stage that includes just 2 levels of M0 portraying no apparent spread of the disease to distant body parts and M1 that confirms the invasion of cancer to organs placed farther away. A five-year survival period is evaluated for those at stages T1, T2, T3, T4, N0 and Node-positive.

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What Is The Life Expectancy With Anal Cancer