Can A Brain Tumor Be Reversed ?

Can A Brain Tumor Be Reversed ? ?

A brain tumor is a type of cancer and when a person is diagnosed with a brain tumor, one of the first questions that he may ask his doctor is whether it can be reversed. So, if you are wondering can a brain tumor be reversed, read on.

Most cancers can be treated while some can be cured. However, curing a brain tumor depends on the location of the tumor, the type of tumor and what stage the tumor was diagnosed. If the tumor was diagnosed early and the location is easily accessible, then in most cases it can be cured. In other words, the brain tumor can be reversed.

In order to treat or reverse brain tumor, treatment in the form of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or combination treatment has to be undertaken. Today there are a variety of treatment options available for brain tumor and the prognosis of most treatments is better than what it used to be. However, even today with all the technology and scientific progress medical science has made, prognosis of brain tumor is highly influenced by the type of cancer and the extent it has spread in the brain.

Researchers are working on a new treatment, gene therapy, to treat glioblastoma multiforme. This is a common and fatal brain cancer. If the treatment is successful, people from this type of brain cancer and tumor will be the most benefitted.

However, when it comes to answering the question can brain tumor be reversed, the jury is still out. In some cases there a reversal has taken place with conventional treatment or alternative treatment; while in others the reversal did not occur. So, at this point with research being done on brain tumor treatment, one cannot say for sure that brain tumor can be reversed.

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Can A Brain Tumor Be Reversed