Can Rotting Teeth Cause Oral Cancer ?

Can Rotting Teeth Cause Oral Cancer ?

Teeth decay resulting in rotten teeth is most likely to cause oral cancer as well. Teeth-decay, being an infectious ailment, can cause various problems, not only to the one who is suffering from it, but also to the closed ones.

The bacterium that causes this ailment may be transmitted to other person through various activities, such as sharing the food or utensils and also by kissing. This can result in some serious infections in various body parts, especially among people having a weaker immune system.

Tooth decay, as well as the bone & gum diseases that are related to mouth, is also associated to the development of oral cancer. When the decay gets spread to other teeth, it needs to be removed with the help the dentist. But in case it is not diagnosed earlier and people keep on ignoring it, this can create quite a big problem resulting to oral cancer in future. In such cases, the tooth decay starts spreading to its root canal and consequently, the blood vessels along with the nerves get infected by this bacterium. This may also escape to other parts of the body and can result in several degenerative diseases.

It is, thus, very important to get in touch with the dentist if one faces such a problem of tooth decay because if ignored now, it may take shape of oral cancer afterwards. Though it is not clearly claimed or established till now, it is considered that this condition may lead to oral cancer because of the fact that the bacterium responsible for rotting teeth has metastasizing nature.

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Can Rotting Teeth Cause Oral Cancer