How Long Does It Take To Cure Oral Cancer ?

How Long Does It Take To Cure Oral Cancer ?

Oral cancer is treated with surgery, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy. According to the type of the oral cancer and how far the cancer has spread, your doctor will opt for one of these treatments or a combination of the all three treatments.

Duration of recovery of oral cancer depends substantially on many factors, including where the cancer has been located, how far it has spread and general health of the patient after the treatment you may also need rehabilitation. Rehabilitation includes plastic surgery, speech therapy and reconstructive dental surgery. If the oral cancer is in its primary stage (also known as stage I) and has not spread to the lymph nodes, then it is treated with either surgery or radiation therapy and the duration of treatment is also short. However, cancer in stage III and stage IV are more advanced and might have spread to other parts of the body including the lymph nodes. The cancer is this stage is usually treated with more extensive surgery, and radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or both radiation and chemotherapy and it takes longer time for patients to heal from cancer.

Recovery from oral cancer treatments may also include rehabilitation treatments, which include plastic surgery, speech therapy and dental prosthesis. In some people, the cancer recurs after it has been successfully treated. In such cases, the patients require more time to completely recover from oral cancer.

Oral cancer detected and treated in early stages have higher survival rate. As many as 90 percent of people with stage I oral cancer survive at least 5 years after diagnosis. People with stage III and stage IV oral cancer, who have received all the treatment options, have 20 percent to 50 percent chance of remaining cancer-free for the next five years.

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How Long Does It Take To Cure Oral Cancer