What Does Testicular Cancer Look Like ?  

It is better to know how an individual’s testicle looks like and feels like so that it becomes easier to spot any noticeable changes. This goes a long way in early detection of testicular cancer and starting of treatment and recovery.

It is essentially in the hands of the individual and his alertness in spotting a case of testicular cancer before it spreads to other areas and increases the risk and reduces the survival rate. Hence, self examination at regular intervals is the key to success in his fight against cancer.

Following are the signs one should watch out for when it comes to testicular cancer:

  • A lump in one testicle
  • Pain or tenderness in one testicle
  • Discharge or pus from the penis
  • Blood along with sperm in the ejaculation
  • Fluid build up inside the scrotum
  • A heavy or dragging feeling in the groin or scrotum
  • Enlargement of the breasts with or without tenderness
  • Enlargement of one testicle

Self examination can be carried out by the following steps.

  • Self examination is easier after a shower as the skin around the scrotum becomes soft.
  • Scrotum is to be examined and look for lumps or swelling
  • Roll the testicle using thumb and forefinger to get the feel all around.
  • It should be smooth and soft without any hard mass
         Periodic self examination familiarizes the individual with the size, shape and texture of his testicles and helps him to easily identify if any changes have taken place in the next self examination. A testicular cancer, if present, is known to double the size of the testicle in the course of a month. Hence, self examination can be conducted at an interval of one month. If any abnormalities are noticed, then expert advice is needed for further diagnosis and the course of treatment.

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