What Is Testicular Cancer Ribbons ?  

A lot of people have seen cancer in action. They have seen their near and dear ones suffer at the hands of cancer.

They have been silent spectators when cancer created hell for those innocent and unsuspecting people who had to bear the pain of the disease and the side effects of the therapies which they had to undergo to survive a little longer.

There is a need to bring awareness about cancer in the general public and also about the necessity of an early detection and possibility of survival.

During the year 2009, 8,980 young men are expected to be diagnosed with testicular cancer and 360 men out of these are going to die because they did not find the cancer in time. This accounts to more death than the number of women in this age group who will be dying of breast cancer. So, there is a campaign to increase awareness about testicular cancer and the importance of self examination for early detection. With early detection, the lives of those 360 young men would have been saved from premature death. If this step is taken now, we can at least avoid such deaths taking place in young men.

It is mainly lack of information about the importance of self examination that is the cause of this avoidable tragedy. Testis is one of the major components of the male reproductive system. It is comparable to the ovaries in the female. Testis is responsible for the production of sperms and also the male hormone testosterone.

Cancer ribbons are sold to generate funds which are used for charities and also for increasing the awareness of cancer in general public. Orchid ribbon is available for testicular cancer. Awareness is required in people regarding the need for early detection and how it can help save young people suffering and dieing from cancer.  

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What Is Testicular Cancer Ribons




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