Drug Treatments For Squamous Cell Skin Cancer  

Squamous cells carcinoma is a kind of skin cancer in which the cancer cells are formed in squamous cells. These are thin and flat, they appear like fish scales. Squamous cells can be found in tissues forming the skin surface, lining of hollow body organs and passages to the respiratory as well as digestive tracts. Thus it implies that this kind of cancer can occur in almost any tissues inside the body.

This cancer can be treated through various measures. There are not only drug treatment options available but also various other kinds of surgical methods can be opted. Most of these techniques are similar to the ones used for the basal cells carcinoma which is another kind of skin cancer. As far as the drug treatments are concerned, there are several out of which the physicians recommend the usage of the creams that kill these cancer cells under certain medical therapies. These include Efudex, Fluoroplex, and various other creams. They need to be applied many times per week. One of the most important advantages of the drug treatments is that they help in avoiding surgical methods in order to get rid of such diseases.

Not only these, there are certain other methods as well that help in treating this kind of skin cancer. These include the radiation therapy, cryosurgery and many more. Though several people go for surgical methods but still there are a large number of people who believe that the drug treatments would be a better option for them as compared to these surgical ones.

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Drug Treatments For Squamous Cell Skin Cancer




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Drug Treatments For Squamous Cell Skin Cancer )
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