Is It Dangerous For Infants To Have The Chicken Pox  

Practically anyone who has never had chicken pox can get infected when exposed to a person who has chicken pox. Even an infant can get chicken pox especially when the infant's mother has never had chicken pox because he will not get the antibodies from the mother while he was in the womb.

Is it dangerous for infants to have chicken pox? Yes, it is dangerous for infants to have chicken pox because they have to immunity and can end up developing serious complications as a result of the infection. Complications as a result of chicken pox are bacterial infection of the skin, encephalitis and pneumonia.

Pregnant women are always advised to be careful about getting chicken pox especially if they are close to their term. They should take utmost care or else their infant may get chicken pox a few days after birth and this could be fatal for the infant.

Besides all the complications that arise from getting chicken pox, infants will also be in a lot of pain and discomfort. They will have fever, if the rash spreads to the eyes and mouth, these parts of the body will be swollen and painful. During this period, infants are not able to feed properly and this further causes problems.

So, if you are still wondering is it dangerous for infants to have chicken pox, the answer is a big yes. Make sure that you take all possible steps to ensure that your infant does not get chicken pox. In addition, experts say that infants under the age of one who get chicken pox are at a higher danger of getting childhood shingles, which is extremely painful. Therefore, all infants must not be exposed to anyone having chicken pox.

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Is It Dangerous For Infants To Have The Chicken Pox




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