Famous People With Strabismus

Famous People With Strabismus

You may have seen cartoon characters and famous comic artists doing that ‘cross-eyed’ act. But did you know that there are many famous people with Strabismus, mainly esotropia or cross eyes, a common form of strabismus.

Here are some famous people with Strabismus who did not think it was funny when their photographs were clicked.

Barbra Streisand:

She took much care about her facial expressions when photographed. At the start of her career (when she was in school), she was rejected by most of the directors because of her unattractiveness and, maybe, because of esotropia.

Marty Feldman:

He was a comedian and actor who had this condition. If anybody had a glimpse of his picture, he would notice the actor’s protruding eyes, and that the eyes were quite unfocussed. According to some, he suffered from Hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism means production of the thyroid hormone excessively. This has adverse affect on the tissue of the eyes and the eyes no longer point at the same direction. 

Edgar Martinez:

A famous baseball player, he was also diagnosed with Strabismus. However, he continued playing and make sure that did intensive eye exercises to correct the condition. He avoided activities that put strain on his eyes.

Some other famous personalities with strabismus include:

  • Professional wrestlers “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and Robert Gibson suffered from Strabismus. Robert Gibson was diagnosed for wandering eye.
  • NBA players Steve Nash and Tracy McGrady had Strabismus.
  • Oscar winner Forest Whitaker and French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre suffered from Strabismus.
  • Actor Scott Thompson was known for his penetrating and slightly crossed eyes.

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Famous People With Strabismus