Is Strabismus Common In Kids With Autism

Is Strabismus Common In Kids With Autism ?

Autism is a serious development disorder that begins during childhood. Autistic children have puzzling and disturbing behaviors different from normal children.

Autism was said to be a rare disorder and just occurs in 5 out of 10,000 births. But, since the early 1990s this serious development disorder increased exponentially. The average went up as high as 60 per 10,000 births.

Correlation between Strabismus and Autism

The most surprising part is that most individuals suffering from autism have strabismus. Simply put, a high percentage of autistic people have symptoms of strabismus or lazy eyes. With a 21 percent to 50 percent of autistic population, about 2 percent to 4 percent have strabismus. Please remember that if you suffer from strabismus, it does not mean you have autism. It has been noticed through research that a high number of autistic people suffer from strabismus.

Autistic children who have strabismus or amblyopia have problems in perceiving depth. Most autistic children suffering from strabismus do not always see things three dimensionally and often trip on things.

Strabismus is a brain problem. No child is born with lazy eye but lazy eye develops soon after birth and so there are high chances of strabismus in children suffering from autism.

Can Autism and Strabismus be Treated?

It was assumed that there are no possible treatment options for autism, but today there are various treatment options both for strabismus and autism. You can find many treatments that may lead to great improvement, but some treatments have little or no effect. There are many parents who have used the E-2 checklist, an autism diagnostic checklist developed by Dr. Bernard Rimland, to diagnose ASD (Autism spectrum disorder).

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Is Strabismus Common In Kids With Autism