Foods That Cause Asthma  

Asthma is a chronic debilitating disease which has no known cure. It is a disease where the airways get constricted and swollen, and get filled with mucus. It is accompanied by coughing and wheezing. Besides a host of other factors that trigger it.

Asthma can be also be triggered by the foods that we have. Certain foods or preservatives exacerbate the condition.

Asthmatics are allergic to some foods but not all. Such foods can be identified by carefully analyzing what a sufferer ate in the last few hours before an attack and observe if it follows a pattern. Once the allergic food item is identified, it can be avoided. Avoiding certain foods might deplete nourishment. Hence the need for a well balanced diet.

Several basic foods are linked to asthma. Some of them are:

Milk, yoghurt and ice cream which cause coughing and wheezing.

Processed foods, eggs, shrimp, fish, citrus fruits, soy and wheat are associated with asthma. Nuts and peanuts cause serious attacks.

Some asthmatics are allergic to the preservatives, flavors and colors added to modern foods. Tartrezine, for example, is one of them. It is a yellow food coloring made from coal tar found in foods and medicines. It is found in bakery products as well, such as in candy, potato chips, soft dinks etc.

Monosodium Glutamate or MSG is a taste-enhancer used in Chinese food, packaged soups etc.

Sulphites and sulfur dioxide are found in canned food, soft drinks, wine, beer and dried fruit. The answer is to avoid these food- inducing triggers.

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Foods That Cause Asthma




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